At Fundación GESA MUSIC we believe in the power of music as a transformative tool.

Music has the ability to convey emotions, connect people, and create unforgettable moments. Throughout the years, we have worked diligently to bring the magic of music to those who need it most, basing our songs on the word of God, the Spirit of Prophecy, and inspiring messages.


To contribute to the preaching of the gospel to every nation, tribe, language, and people, using Music Ministry as a tool to carry God’s message to places where traditional preaching cannot reach.


To consolidate GESA MUSIC as a Comprehensive Ministry through which music can be applied in its different aspects, both in formative and practical ways, aiming to seek the redemption of mankind.

Areany Rivero

Gloria En Su Alabanza (GESA) MUSIC is a Comprehensive Music Ministry, non-profit, created with the purpose of aiding the advancement of the evangelistic music mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its supporting ministries worldwide.

We create musical contents based on Psalms, related to the pillars of our faith, with messages about physical and emotional health.

At Health Events: Program of the 8 Wonders of Health.

The educational work: “If Organs Could Speak…” Children’s play: “We Are The Phytochemists”.

We use music in an integral way: In group therapies. Music therapy.

Music Seminars. Sacred Evangelistic Concerts. Musical Missionary Work from house to house.

Varied digital musical contents that are useful for the work of God and the redemption of mankind.

Our musical videos

We create musical content based on Psalms, spiritual songs, songs related to the pillars of our faith, with messages about physical and emotional health, weddings, birthdays, among others, using the digital platform (YouTube) which has been active since September 2018.