Activities carried out

In 2011, we began the compilation of 110 songs composed by our young people and members of the Adventist community.

In December 2017, we held the first Music Seminar titled “Music and the Final Conflict” in Fundación Las Delicias, Venezuela.

In 2013, we created the educational work “If Organs Could Speak…” and the healthy work “We Are The Phytochemists,” along with “The 8 Wonders of Health.” These were aimed at delivering the message of health to different schools, universities, hospitals, and orphanages, raising awareness about the care of the body and mind through acted and sung performances.

In 2014, we performed at the Juárez Theater in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

In June 2018, we created the GESA MUSIC YouTube Channel and started recording the compiled songs in videos with lyrics.

In December 2019, we organized the musical group Gesa Music, consisting of 11 members, including missionary students from different parts of Colombia and Latin America. We recorded the first Official video on YouTube titled “Gloria in His Praise,” highlighting music based on heavenly principles and values.

In March 2019, we changed the digital platform, improving the songs and their videos.

In July 2022, we created the first Choral Book with 46 songs and their backing tracks, most of them unpublished. These songs are intended to be used in missionary work, “Vida Sana” programs, missionary schools, and various church events.

In June 2023, we performed as a group at the Sexuality Seminar, where the Coming Out Ministries Ministry actively participated in Fundación Las Delicias – Armenia. The event was preceded by Michael Carducci, Harrison Umaña, and Ivonne Betancourt.

Testimonies & Activities